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Back on my “Lady Codependency, A Good Samaritan?” post, Beyond Blue readers had quite the discussion on what, exactly, codependency means. Reader Yames wrote this: Codependency has virutally nothing to do with God or “blessings”. It has everything to do …Read More

I was relieved to know that there are quite a few recovering people-pleasers among our readers here on Beyond Blue. Among the messages posted on my “People-Pleasing: Today Is Not Your Day” post were these gems: I was just thinking …Read More

Also on my post, “People-Pleasing: Today Is Not Your Day,” reader Michael posed this question: The hardest thing, for me, about setting boundaries, is that they not only keep the people I wish to keep out of my life out, …Read More

Wow! What a lively discussion there is on the message board of my “Lady Codependency, a Good Samaritan?” post. Thanks, especially to reader Jeri who wrote: I don’t think this lady [me, in case you missed it] is a codependent; …Read More

Last year, before I started writing Beyond Blue, I had the same inner dialogue–where and how should I serve? Ultimately that conversation led to keeping my mother-in-law company during a difficult time for her. I describe that process in my …Read More

In my post, “Charity Confessions,” I talk about the “right” reason to serve. Although acts of altruism are important happiness boosters, I don’t think they can cure severe depression and I think the happy doctors who imply they can do …Read More

Peter Kramer describes the science of resilience in his fascinating book, “Against Depression.” His dream–the fantasy of resilience–gives me great hope that one day I might not have to work so hard at staying positive and sane, that I will, …Read More

I think all of us are more resilient than we think we are. I was moved by the comments of reader Nancy on my relpase post: We are sometimes strongest at our weakest moments. We feel like giving up, but …Read More

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The opposite of depression is not happiness, according to Peter Kramer, author of “Against Depression” and “Listening to Prozac,” it is resilience: the ability to cope with life’s frustrations without falling apart. Proper treatment doesn’t suppress emotions or dull a …Read More