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July 2007 Archives

Dear Guardian Angel One, I’m not angry with you. I was going to call you today to tell you all about it. I think you’re right about the politics. And I’ve told my editor that I don’t want to go […]

Dear Guardian Angel Two, I wanted to wait before saying anything to make sure I wasn’t anxious about anything else, and confusing my emotions, but I wanted to let you know that I left your place with some hurt feelings. […]

My favorite children’s book doesn’t have beautiful, colored illustrations. It isn’t even hardback. It’s a $3.95 black and white paperback that explains to kids how to express their emotions. I read it to David and Katherine whenever I can find […]

There is little need for a therapist when you have a three-year-old and a five-year-old asking you probing questions and analyzing your thoughts. “Mom, do you have an-ziety?” Katherine asked me the other day on the way to the pool. […]

Every depressive is different when it comes to crying “Uncle,” and calling the doc. My guardian angel Ann says that if she stays in bed three days in a row, she will call the doctor on the fourth day (or […]

There was a beautiful essay in the Washington Post last week by Laura Zigman on the moment she cried “uncle,” and took the “happy pills” that she was so adamant on not taking. It’s a wonderful description of depression and […]

I’ve said this before, but I learn as much for my readers and readers learn in my posts. One reader, TJ (I remember because that’s also my nickname), wrote back in May, “How do I reach out for help?” I […]

Right after reading TJ’s uplifting success story, I learned about this disturbing story: An Australian woman accused of murdering her father and sister was denied psychiatric treatment because of her parents’ Scientology beliefs. You can read the entire story by […]

Regarding relapse, here’s some interesting information from “Psychology Today“: Contrary to conventional wisdom, it’s not some singular upsetting event that sends most people spiraling downward into a relapse of depression. Rather, it’s longstanding difficulties of a relatively severe nature. So […]

Although we weren’t allowed to roast marshmallows in the psych ward (for fear of someone purposely lighting himself on fire), there were many campfire moments, where we sat in a circle sharing some of the most intimate memories, stories, hopes, […]