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Thanks to Beyond Blue, I know that I’m not alone with regard to how my packed schedule contributes to depression. Reader TJ wrote this in an e-mail to me: One major factor to being suicidal was not enough time to […]

I continue to be amazed and delighted by the support offered by readers to those who post their problems on the message boards of Beyond Blue. The other day at breakfast, Eric said to me, “I feel bad for Moira.” […]

I was especially concerned about reader Ginny who wrote the following on the message board of my “When to Get Help” post: How do you find a good doctor when you’re terrified of leaving the house? When the very thought […]

Now that I’m officially a blogger with eight months of entries behind me, I have tried to get to know other mental health bloggers so that we can share resources and guide our readers towards helpful information. James Bishop does […]

One of the most meaningful notes I received on my relapse post was from a woman who lost her son to suicide. After reading her words, I felt renewed in my mission to educate as many people as I can […]

Along the lines of helping people to understand mental illness, I received the following question on my relapse post. I wondered what Beyond Blue readers have to say about how to approach a friend who is struggling with depression. Thank […]

Thanks to reader Teresa who wrote the following question on my “Dear Guardian Angel One” post: I don’t wish to offend, when I say that Guardian Angel One sounds a bit controlling to me. I might add, it must be […]

I’m not quite sure how to thank all my Beyond Blue readers for the loving and compassionate notes on the message board of my “Is It a Relapse?” post. I’m blown away by your support and kindness. I usually write […]

Here are just a few of the pearls I found on the message board of “Is It a Relapse?” Reach the Middle Place Deep inside you have the heart and faith to know that bad as today is, there is […]

I was also pleased to hear how many readers have recently discovered Beyond Blue and are so relieved to have found a place where others share their pain, that they take away such hope from the reader comments and from […]