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In case you need an excuse to ditch your diet or not go on one, here’s an article from Marie Claire that says dieting makes you fat. Yippie! I’m off the hook. Just like the day I found that article […]

And finally, just in case you need one more thing to think about before eating your lunch, here’s an interesting article from “Spirituality and Health” on enlightened eating by Deborah Kesten. She offers a holistic alternative to counting calories. Although […]

2:00 a.m. HSH (highly sensitive husband) goes downstairs to sleep on the couch because he keeps getting awoken by the loud snoring of his HSW (highly sensitive wife), who is having anxiety dreams (she missed her final exam because she […]

My therapist photocopied for me a page out of the book “When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within” one of those many days I sat on her couch in tears, telling her how frustrated I was with my kids so […]

So I guess plenty of Beyond Blue readers are HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons)! I loved some of the suggestions found on the posts (“Defining High Sensitivity,” “The Good and Bad News About Being Highly Sensitive,” “Six Strategies to Calm Yourself […]

Because Beyond Blue readers seemed to appreciate the physical strategies I listed on my “Six Strategies to Calm Yourself Down” post (based on the suggestions Elaine Aron gives in her book, “The Highly Sensitive Person“), I thought I’d offer her […]

Several Beyond Blue readers–like Lisa, Jackie, and Becky below–wanted even more suggestions. Anyone have further advice? I hear you loud and clear…I am having so much “stress” in my life right now, mainly because of a grown daughter with lots […]

Thanks to reader Anonymous who wrote the following note on the message board of my “Six Strategies to Calm Yourself Down” post: How do you “get out of the situation” if you have to be around in-laws that talk about […]

I absolutely love “The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook” by co-host of “Fox and Friends” Steve Doocy and his wife. Here are a few universal truths he says about in-laws: 1. You were not their first choice to be their […]

My doctor’s visit today felt a tad bit like confession. “So how are you?” “To tell you the truth, I’ve been feeling a bit fragile. Nothing like last summer when I awoke each morning fighting feelings of wanting to be […]