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There is a Bible story that (kind of) goes like this … Lady Codependency was on her way to work one day when a beggar asked her for change. “Come join me for breakfast,” she said, wanting desperately to please …Read More

I find it interesting to gather people’s opinions on what the right thing to do is when you are hit up for money. One very compassionate person said, “What would Jesus do?” as she gave the beggar a five dollar …Read More

Thanks to reader Lisa, who wrote the following note on the message board of my “When One Door Closes …” post: I’m still trying to figure out how/if this applies in my own life. Fall in love at 19 — …Read More

Here’s a cool blog post (click here) by Wendy Schuman about the singer Edith Piaf, who prayed to St. Therese of Lisieux (whom she credited with curing her childhood blindness). In the movie, she hears Therese’s voice. I’m always intrigued …Read More

Revolution Health is hosting a health fair on their website to raise money for over a dozen non-profit health companies, such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). By clicking on NAMI’s virtual booth, you contribute 25 cents to their …Read More

I’ve shared my twelve depression busters before, but by clicking here you can view a gallery featuring my toolbox that directs me toward mental health, and serves as an emergency lifeline in case I get lost along the way. I …Read More

For a long while I was afraid to write things such as “I am mentally ill” or “I am bi-polar.” I was afraid of labels. By calling myself a manic-depressive would I trap my psyche in “sick” mode? By accepting …Read More

“Paradoxically liberating.” That’s how Phil Schwarz of Framingham, Massachusetts described his diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. I just read about his story, entitled “Gifted? Autistic? Or Just Quirky?” in the Washington Post with a dropped jaw because I related to so …Read More

Amen to reader Nora, who wrote this on my “Depression or Life?” post: Just the idea of dieting for so long makes me want to eat chocolate. I have never liked vegetables and making myself eat them is like pulling …Read More

Thanks to reader Glaye who posted this note on the message board of my “Addicted? Who, Me?” Post: I am addicted to SUGAR. I have been known to eat over 7 thousand calories a day in candy, ice cream, cookies, …Read More