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Here’s a helpful article by Karen Schroeder, MS, RD, on why and how to cut back on caffeine. It came into my e-mail box a few weeks ago, and I made a point of not reading it because I didn’t […]

New York Times reporter Pam Belluck’s article, “States Face Decisions on Who Is Mentally Fit to Vote” sort of reminded me of the tougher, revised Chinese laws on adoption–one stipulation being that no one taking antidepressants gets a kid. I […]

Of course you don’t have to swim in a muddy pond or try to run across a really high bridge to confront your fears. Here’s a cool 21-day program–“Fear Busters”–to banish the fears that are plaguing you. To read the […]

In order to be discharged from the inpatient psych unit at Laurel Regional Hospital, all patients had to make a list of goals that they would work on once they got to sleep in their own beds. Three top goals […]

The following article might be helpful in getting you started on setting goals. But some of this goal-setting stuff can go way too far. So if it makes you breathe harder, skip it. Click here to read the full article, […]

In her book “The Highly Sensitive Person,” Elaine Aron talks about how highly-sensitive persons often have difficulties with boundaries (phew! I thought it was just me). “Many HSPs [highly sensitive persons] tell me that a major problem for them is […]

A very happy Father’s Day to all male Beyond Blue readers! I know that I tend to address women’s issues more often than men’s, but I’m cognizant of Beyond Blue’s male readers, and I’m trying to do a better job […]

If a person weren’t mentally ill before dealing with health insurance companies about her mental health benefits, she surely would be after a phone call or two. Marbles start rolling out of the noggin a second after the back-stabbing representative […]

Producer Michael Moore could have used my conversation this afternoon with a CareFirst representative for his documentary “Sicko“: Me: “I just want to know why I received an explanation of benefits 18 months ago that said the patient responsibility was […]

From a “Washington Post” article on Michael Moore’s “Sicko” which got plenty of buzz at the Cannes Film Festival: The movie asks, very pointedly: Why does one of the richest nations of Earth have a health-care system that leaves 50 […]