Angels on Your Shoulder
September 2010 Archives

How do you suppose angels feel about life? If I had to choose two words I would say, “passionate joy.” They see only the perfection in all of life and they are God’s messengers.

I had the most amazing birthday

I was deeply touched by how grief was able to allow these two woman to connect: If we allow our hearts to be open all of life’s ordinary moments become incredible opportunities to share and love and expand our awareness of the divine.

One way I look at fear is it is the absence of love. So the antidote for fear is love. If t.I say don’t think about a juicy ripe tomato you have to think about one not to think about […]

I am currently reading Kathleen McGowan’s The Book of Love. I love to read and when I travel I indulge myself with numerous novels. This time among other’s I read Anne Rice’s two books about the life if Jesus and […]

Lithuaunia is such a beautiful country. Here are some more images for you to meditate with.

Angels are always talking to you, the question is, “Are you listening?”

Personal freedom, a life of ease and happiness becomes part of our life when live from a place of balance and harmony

Named must your fear be before banish it you can. Yoda

If I tune into the western radio station expecting to here jazz I will be sadly disappointed. Sometimes we forget we can change the station and tune into the loving channel of angels.