Angels on Your Shoulder
September 2010 Archives

Here are some recent pictures from Lithuania. As always allow the pictures to talk to your spirit and allow yourself to go where they take you.

As the saying goes angels fly because they take themselves lightly. if you see your life through the eyes of love and take yourself lightly your entire life changes.

Meditation is easy or at least it can be. When I add connecting to the angels to my meditation it is like meeting an old friend at the local coffee shop.

I used to use fear to say no to lots of things. I wouldn’t say I am too afraid to do this or that but I would use my fear to stop me.In a strange way fear keeps us safe, limited but safe.

Would Jesus decide to burn the Koran? Or would he find wisdom in all spiritual book? Would he judge or love all people, including terrorist and hateful ministers?

Here is a photo of flowers that you can spend a few minutes focusing your attention on and see where it takes you internally.

This is a wonderful teaching story from my book, Mastering the Toltec Way. I thought I would share it with you ….. Enjoy!

I keep getting chicken skin when I think of what an awesome world we could create if more of us chose to do random acts of kindness on a regular basis.

I got an email today asking me to post about today being Cancer day. I had mixed reactions to that request. I am in Latvia and rather jet lagged and not sure what day it is

I got here yesterday rather exhausted by two red eyes back to back. As I was finding my way toward the baggage carousel I asked Raphael to make finding my bags easy