10 Red Flags of an Emotional Affair
Here are 10 "red flags" that signal when a relationship is leaving "just friends" territory and veering into uncharted waters.

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10 Reasons To Reconsider Divorce
Happy Couple
If you’re feeling like you would be better off divorced – keep reading to see if your marriage is still worth fighting for.

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How To Move Forward After Divorce
Divorce can be a crushing blow to life, but it can never fully destroy hope, faith and the will to love again.

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How to Forgive After an Affair
Can you really get over being cheated on?

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Eight Signs Your Relationship is Over
Breaking Up
If you’re having trouble accepting that your relationship has reached its limits, here are eight signs that it’s time to move on.

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Should You Stay Together For the Kids?
kids laying in circle
Convincing research lies with both camps: those that suggest you should split if your marriage is spoiling, and those that say a less-than-perfect marriage is far better than a divorce.

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When “I Do” Doesn’t Mean Forever
I Do Cover Photo
Maybe it's the limelight or the high profiled pressure - no matter what it is some couples make it and others do not. Here is are some of the most famous celebrity divorces.

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