4th of July
10 Inspiring Songs About America
Celebrate the Fourth of July with these great patriotic songs!

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Quotes on Patriotism
Although most of us are patriotic all year round, the Fourth of July gives a chance to truly celebrate our country. These famous quotes on patriotism celebrate our nation and our love of country.

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Spirituality of our Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers
The Founding Faith Archive gathers the most interesting or important documents about the Founders’ religious beliefs and the birth of religious freedom.

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Freedom Fun Facts
Kids in patriotic costumes - Abe Lincoln, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam
The Fourth of July is a festival of fun, fireworks, and freedom. But do you know all the facts behind the festivities?

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Home and Away
American Flag Heart
David French enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 37. How does he handle being a deployed husband and dad?

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The Real Bang Behind Independence Day
July 4th eCard
Something more to celebrate than just fireworks.

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