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Capital punishment is certainly a controversial and divisive issue. Can Catholics support the death penalty? read more »
Although these unnamed women in the Bible appear briefly, they can teach us valuable lessons. read more »
Christian leaders join forces and take steps toward holding American governmental officials accountable in doing their part to... read more »
Catholics and Protestants believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is a foundation of Christian faith. However, Protestant... read more »
  • O gracious light,
    pure brightness of the everliving Father in heaven,
    O Jesus Christ, holy and blessed!…

    Book of Common Prayer 1979
  • Take my eyes off of myself. Take my eyes off of the child I desire…

    Hannah's Prayer Ministries

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Those of superior faculties and great wisdom get the point right off the bat--guidance doesn't mean gum-beating and lip-flapping. Truly awakened people with clear eyes would just laugh. The great masters of India and China only met mind to mind--from the first, there was never any "mind" to attain. But if you make a rationale of mindlessness, that is the same as having a certain mentality. end quote
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