What Angels Are and What Angels Are Not
Enjoy these 21 Quick and Powerful Bible Reflections that will re-awaken your faith from A Story of God and All of Us, a devotional... read more »
People use the Psalms to voice their deepest anguish and delight, to comfort others, and to express emotions they hardly dare... read more »
As much as those movies endear themselves to us, the fact is, the angel population neither increase nor decreases over time. But... read more »
From the original Gospel texts to the advent of technology, take advantage of every opportunity you are presented with. read more »

  • My prayer is but a cold affair, Lord,
    because my love burns with so small a flame,
    but you who are rich in mercy...

  • Jesus tender
    Shepherd hear me
    Bless your little lamb tonight...

    Submitted by Beliefnet member saraheunice

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There are two kinds of suffering: the suffering that leads to more suffering and the suffering that leads to the end of suffering. If you are not willing to face the second kind of suffering, you will surely continue to experience the first. end quote
-Ajahn Chah, "Still Forest Pool"
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