People use the Psalms to voice their deepest anguish and delight, to comfort others, and to express emotions they hardly dare... read more »
God calls us each to holiness, to sainthood. Every day, each experience we have helps us grow in our faith and in our purpose:... read more »
From the original Gospel texts to the advent of technology, take advantage of every opportunity you are presented with. read more »
Enjoy these 21 Quick and Powerful Bible Reflections that will re-awaken your faith from A Story of God and All of Us, a devotional... read more »
  • You are the God who gives life to the spiritually dead. I thank You that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

  • Lord Jesus,
    grant that I and my spouse may have a true
    and understanding love for each other...

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As long as you have not realized the great principle that permeates all, it is essential that speech and action should support each other. Do not hold to the intellectual understanding of others; turn the light of awareness back to the root, and it is not there at all. end quote
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