• Caring for the Dead: Your Final Act of Love, by Lisa Carlson (Upper Access, 1998)

    In most states, it is legal and feasible for families to prepare their own loved ones for burial and to conduct private funerals independent of a licensed funeral director. A guide to the legal, practical, and emotional requirements.

  • Coming to Rest: A Guide to Caring for Our Own Dead, an Alternative to the Commercial Funeral, by Julie Wiskind & Richard Spiegel (Dovetail, 1998)

    Like Carlson's book, a moving and useful guide book for people who want to take a do-it-yourself approach to caring for their loved ones after death.

  • Creating a Meaningful Funeral: A Family Guide, by Alan D. Wolfelt

    Thoughtful, sensitive advice on how families can design a funeral service that truly honors the spirit of their loved one.

  • Dealing Creatively With Death: A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial, by Ernest Morgan (Barclay House Books, 1998)

    A comprehensive resource on all aspects of death--from living with terminal illness, to end-of-life planning, to funeral costs and planning.

  • Final Celebrations: A Guide for Personal & Family Funeral Planning, by Kathleen Sublette & Martin Flagg (Pathfinder Pub, 1992)

    Sublette and Flagg provide ways to organize the funeral of a loved one or your own.

  • Profits of Death, by Darryl J. Roberts (Five Star Publications, 1997)

    Roberts worked some 30 years in the funeral-service industry before writing this controversial expose of how some funeral homes take financial advantage of grieving families. His insider critique has sparked a lawsuit for libel by a major funeral-services corporation.

  • In Memoriam: A Practical Guide to Planning a Memorial Service, by Amanda Bennett, Terrence B. Foley (contributor) (Fireside Press, 1994)

    A helpful book for those pre-planning a memorial service and for those planning a service for a sudden death. Find information about personalizing the service, arranging flowers, religious rituals, eulogizing and more.

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