GENEVA, April 11 (AP) - The United States said Wednesday it had submitted a resolution criticizing China's human rights record in another bid to have it censured by the United Nations.

The resolution to the U.N. Human Rights Commission denounces Beijing's repression of the Falun Gong spiritual movement, its ``increased restrictions'' on Tibetans, and ``harsh sentencing'' of government opponents.

It cites ``continuing reports of failure to protect internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms in China.''

It will be the 10th time a Western government has tried to pass a resolution condemning China at the 53-nation commission.

On the other nine occasions, full debate on the subject was blocked after China introduced a counter-resolution, calling for ``no action.''

The U.S. action came as China agreed to release 24 American crew members detained on Hainan island, where their surveillance aircraft made an emergency landing after colliding with a Chinese jet fighter 11 days ago.

President Bush announced the agreement Wednesday at the White House.

Last year, the U.N. commission voted 22-18 for the no-action motion proposed by Beijing to block discussion of the U.S. resolution, the narrowest margin in five years.

Beijing will likely mobilize support from the developing countries, many from Asia and Africa, which dominate the commission, to push through its motion again.

So far the United States has no co-sponsors but countries may decide to back its resolution right up until before the vote. The 15-nation European Union has said it would vote for the resolution but would not go as far as co-sponsoring it.

The commission will vote on the resolution next week.

Censure by the U.N. panel brings no penalties but draws international attention to countries' human rights record.

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