One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church
Should the Orthodox church be in dialogue with the Roman Catholic one? Emphatically, yes. Will we reunite? It would take a miracle.
By Fr. Patrick Reardon

Let's Keep Our Distance
For Orthodox leaders to engage in dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church is both futile and dangerous
By Frank Schaeffer

Check One: Male, Female, Transgendered
Christians must treat the transgendered with compassion, but also protect the church's right to believe in treatment for gender confusion.
By Deborah Belonick

You Might Be An Orthodox Christian If...
If you suspect you may be Orthodox, read through our list of signs that you are and see how you match up.

Homosexuality and the Church
"Will the Orthodox Church accept me even though I'm gay?" Father Ted Stylianopoulos responds.

The Search for a Consistent Life Ethic
U.S. voters who oppose the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, and guns have nowhere to turn.
Fr. John Breck

What to Remember During the 'Forgotten Fast'
Since Orthodox Christians fast for about half the calendar year, let's make sure we know why we do it.
Fr. Peter Gillquist

The Dormition of the Mother of God
Hymns and readings for the feast.

Giants Among Men
What's the scoop with the 'giants' described in Genesis?
Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos

Holy Heartthrobs
What do some romance novels have in common with Scripture? Both celebrate feminine wisdom
Deborah Belonick

Conversion Factors
It's OK to proselytize, but there are times when it's kinder to refrain
Frederica Mathewes-Green

Self-Identity and the Son of God
When did Jesus know he was the Son of God? Did Mary have to tell him? Fr. Ted responds.
Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos

Porn and Profits: Where to From Here?
Porn is a good example of why, even in a free-market nation, profitability doesn't make something right. So why are churches eerily silent on the issue?
Fr. John Breck

The Feast of All Saints
Hymns and readings for the Sunday following Pentecost

Befriending a Cockroach
While imprisoned in a communist concentration camp, this Orthodox priest saved his language ability by befriending one of God's smallest creatures.
Frederica Mathewes-Green

How Can College Students Keep the Faith?Considering the rampant secularism in American universities, what can students do to protect themselves?
Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos

What Would Jesus Do for Women?
Jesus challenged many taboos that limited women in his time. Has his church followed through?
Deborah Belonick

The Feast of Pentecost
Hymns and reading for the Sunday often called the "birthday of the Church"

Ask Father Ted: Reader Responses
Fr. Ted answers questions about his previous columns on the Church's view towards the heterodox, prayer to the saints, and why God allows suffering.
Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos

Let's Hear it for Hierarchy
Democracy may work for countries, but it's not necessarily right for the Church

Peter Gillquist

Waiting in Joyful Hope
Meditating on birth, death and ressurection while making kolliva
Mary Sawyer

How to Make Kolliva
Recipe for the wheat berry dish traditionally used at Orthodox memorial services
Frederica Mathewes-Green