Advent Day 19: Be Not Afraid

And the angel said unto them,
Fear not: for, behold, I bring you
good tidings of great joy.

In a world threatened by terrorism and war, the 2000-year-old message of the Christmas angels--"Fear not"--is especially welcome. In an age of anxiety, Christians have found comfort in the angels' words to Mary and the shepherds.

Devotion: Be Not Afraid
'If we truly trust in God, we find more assurance than terror in the thought that God wants to purify us, so that everything evil in us turns to ash, and only the good remains.' By Kathleen Norris

Good News for Those Sore Afraid
The intimidating Santa in my kindergarten classroom whispered something we all need to hear: 'Don't be afraid.' By Richard Mouw

Bible Verses to Inspire Courage
The Bible reminds readers repeatedly, "Do not be afraid."

What the Shepherds Saw
In an imaginative retelling of the Nativity narrative, the shepherds and their flocks are terrified by the sound of angels--until the herders realize they bring good news.
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