Do you remember when you first accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? How you couldn’t wait to spend time with Him and wanted everyone to know how Jesus changed your life? However, over the years, your relationship with Jesus and studying the Bible can become stale or routine. Maybe it even turns into a boring duty or seems repetitive instead of full of the eagerness and enthusiasm you first felt when learning more about Jesus and studying your Bible.

You may have thought about ways to approach your Bible study time with Jesus daily with the same attitude you should lavish on your earthly love. Like many couples have date nights, you can start to think of your prayer time and Bible study as a date with Jesus, one you could experience as often as you want. You could start incorporating some of these fresh ways to spruce up your Bible study and get back to your first love, Jesus Christ. Here are some ways to spruce up your Bible study.

Establish a prayer garden.

Seeing Jesus as the lover of your soul and the One you love above all others can give you the idea of creating a loving date atmosphere for your daily quiet time with Him. It needs all the touches of a unique date, so going outdoors would be perfect. If your backyard is all cement, you could arrange colorful potted plants in a shaded nook of your patio and hang a hummingbird feeder. You could put a chair for yourself and a chair for Jesus at a small table with a romantic candle. You could also add wind chimes and make a waterfall, and before you know it, you’ll have a prayer garden.

If you live in a state that truly experiences all four seasons, your Bible study location may change with the season. When the weather allows, you can go out on your deck, and when it’s cold or snowing, you can create a lovely area in your home with a beautiful view from your window. The goal is to have a designated location to meet with Jesus that is quiet and uninterrupted, whether it’s outside or inside. Perhaps it’s a room, a corner, or some people actually use a prayer closet.

However, it’s your place together, and you know Jesus is waiting there for you on those days you stand up your date for whatever reason. When you walk by your quiet time room or spot, you’ll be reminded of that precious time together. Not to make you feel guilty but to help you remain consistent in your daily Bible study time. It’s never too late or too early to meet with God.

Keep a “Jesus date” bag packed.

Pack a “date bag” or tote with a journal, your Bible, devotional, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and a candle. One trip back into the house or leaving your chair for something you forgot or need could be a significant distraction to start washing the dishes or answering emails. Your quiet time bag should be packed and ready for whenever or wherever you’re having your date with Jesus. First thing in the morning or whenever works best for you, grab a cup of tea or coffee, a blanket, and your date bag, and settle in for your date with Jesus. At the end of your date, repack your bag and put it in the same spot so you’ll know where it is and it’s ready for tomorrow’s date.

Eliminate any distractions.

Here’s a significant key to intimate time with your First Love: get rid of all interruptions, and don’t take your phone on your date. Answering machines and voicemail can record your calls and let your family know you’re on a date with Jesus. Perhaps it may be best to buy a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Sometimes, this means waking up before the rest of the family or going to bed a little later than usual. One mother vowed never to spend more time in leisure entertainment than she did in Bible study and prayer. Even as the mom of a big family, she still scheduled two hours every day for fellowship with God and time in the Bible. Still, her challenge was finding a private place in the house with young children.

However, she found a solution. She would sit in her favorite chair with her Bible and put an apron over her head, forming a makeshift tent. Everyone in the house respected this signal that mom was having quiet time, and only an emergency was allowed to disturb her. Try to find your way to show that same respect and sacredness in your family when they see you have your Bible open, ready for studying and absorb God’s Word interrupted.

Play worship music.

Is it really a date if there’s no music? Pick your favorite worship music and sing along if the Spirit allows. Praise music drowns out the world’s sounds, and Satan can’t be in its presence to accuse you of wasting time or make you feel guilty. He doesn’t want you to study God’s Word and will do everything in his power to stop you from enjoying your Jesus date. Another method to cast out Satan is to begin your Bible study date by praying the armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18. We should never go into our day without this spiritual hedge of protection.

Like any relationship, it should be two-way, where one person doesn’t dominate the conversation. So, at the end of your date with Jesus, sit back, close your eyes, and linger in conversational prayer, allowing Him to talk to you. He’ll whisper words of endearment and love as He shares His visions, plans, guidance and goals for you. Often, there are even answers to questions and prayers. Don’t rush if you initially don’t hear His small, still voice. You might simply share a time of sweet silence.

Like any beautiful date, you’ll hate for it to end, but you know Jesus will be anticipating your special date the next day. Soon, it’ll become your favorite part of the day. Instead of allowing your Bible study time to become mundane and stale, try one or all of these tactics to bring life back into your time with God. It’s an investment that you won’t regret.

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