We hit re-set on the Sleaze-o-Meter after last week's season wrap-up and so do two old standards. "Real World," the show that started it all, started again this week, settling a by-now predictable variety of strangers in a chateau outside Paris: the virgin, the violent-tendencies guy, the gay foreigner and the dumb American. Compare this crowd with the innovative group assembled for "The Amazing Race 4" (see below). Then again, if you put "The Amazing Race" cast in a Paris chateau, it would be a Fellini movie, not a reality show.

The Real World: Paris
It's déjà vu all over again as the show opens with clips of catfights, namecalling, group sex and nudity from seasons past. Five showerheads before we even get to the chateau.
Road Rules
Abram grabs all the showerheads the first week, stripping buck nekked and showing off his potty mouth and rank chauvinism.
The Amazing Race
The global race is on again, this time with a couple who dated 12 years without having sex, clowns, a team of NFL wives and two models another competitor calls "the blonde chicks with the fake t-ts."
Sorority Life
Besides Melissa, Nicole and Brooke fight over who will share a bed with whom, the gals' had a boring bacchanal in New Orleans. A solo 'head for Amy for flashing for beads--in November.
Extreme Makeover
The season ends with a replay of last year's pilot. Maybe it's makeover overload, but this time Luke's before and after looked pretty much the same.

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