Last year's "Extreme Makeover" special sucked us in with vignettes of decent-looking folks looking to become glamour-pusses. The weekly show, we imagined, would be a grisly mix of "Are You Hot?" and "The Abominable Dr. Phibes."

But the first three episodes have been three-hanky jobs, as the surgery has bestowed self-confidence on subjects who seemed to truly need it. As John examined his new teeth this week, even his dentist was tearing up. Ethically, we still have reservations about airing an informercial for cosmetic surgery, but we have to admit ABC has managed to make reality TV almost uplifting. The sleaze balls.

Read last week's Sleaze-o-Meter by clicking here.

Sorority Life
After “dating” Nicole for weeks, Tim asks out Brooke. What does Nicole do? Right—calls Tim to offer him girl-on-girl action with Brooke if he'll take her to the sorority semi-formal.
The Bachelor
After Andrew gets intimate with the three remaining gals, Tina gets the boot. Not a big loss, says Tina: "I don't think being barefoot and pregnant on a vineyard is fabulous."
Mr. Personality
Ted was so nervous about the unmasking, he played "Mr. Pharmaceutical," mixing Xanax with alcohol. By the time he had a drink with Haley, he was slumped over.
Turning on her own in the battle of the sexes, Heidi tried to convince Rob to vote an ailing Jenna off. Just deserts when she gets voted off herself.
Extreme Makeover
Sleaze-o-Meter protests, once again, that a woman's femininity is not found in her bra. But we were beaming—and sobbing—along with Amy and John after their transformations.
Fraternity Life
Stressed over Alumni Weekend, Alex and Earl almost come to blows before they bond over building the "Beer Pong" table.

Overall Ranking Cumulative Shower
Average Shower
8 2.66
20 2.22
17.5 2.18
16.5 2.06
12 1.7
3.5 1.16

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