Pastor Paul answers all your religion and spirituality questions.

  • Yearning to yoga, but a Christian? My Buddhist friend is misunderstood. Eucharist vs. Communion? Pastor Paul has the answers.

  • Anxious about the end times? Pastor Paul answers questions on guilt and more ...

  • OK to date a non-Christian? My boyfriend and I always argue about religion and more. Plus: another chat transcript!

  • Why did God let my friends die? Pastor Paul on death and dying.

  • Confimation conundrums, raunchy rock lyrics, and what can my Muslim date munch on? Plus: chat transcript!

  • Public prayer, what's up with Wicca, and the Big 'M'.

  • Pastor Paul tackles conversion conundrums.

  • Pastor Paul offers encouraging words to a worried mom, gets articulate about Noah's Ark, and boisterous about Bible study

  • Can you be Catholic and vegetarian? What's with the popularity of See You at the Pole? Plus, reader mail

  • How do I tell my boyfriend I want to stay a virgin? My mom's into New Age and I'm not! In an interfaith relationship and his parents hate me
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