William WebberBill Webber has been a pastor, an adjunct seminary professor, and a supervisor of doctoral students. He received a B.A. from Wheaton College, a Master of Divinity from Northern Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Midwestern Seminary. For his post-graduate research, he studied at Yale Divinity School.

He is married to Marilynn Carlson Webber, widely known as "the angel lady," and has a personal collection of 4,000 angels at home. Recognized as angel authorities, the Webbers have appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs. They have served as consultants on angels for television networks and major magazines, and have lectured on angels to hundreds of audiences.

Together, they wrote the book, A Rustle of Angels: Stories About Angels in Real Life and Scripture. Their book sold 330,000 copies in English and was translated into several other languages. It won the Excellence in Media Award and was nominated for the Gold Medallion Award. Stories from the book have been on prime-time television, as well as in magazines like Reader’s Digest, Guideposts, and Ladies Home Journal.

Other books by the Webbers include How to Become a Sweet Old Lady Instead of a Grumpy Old Grouch and Tea With the Angel Lady. Bill Webber has been a contributor to many books including Beliefnet’s Big Book of Angels and From the Ashes: A Spiritual Response to the Attack on America, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Prayers for Every Need.

Bill Webber's column for Beliefnet is titled, "A Rustle of Angels."

Columns and articles by William D. Webber

Do Angels Pray for Us?
Do angels intercede for us? Also, why did God create angels that would remain good instead of ones that rebelled against him?

Are Humans the Children of Angels?
Were we created from from angels? Also, if Satan was the most beautiful angel in Heaven, why is he drawn as an ugly demon?

Do Angels Have Fun?
Are angels serious all the time or do they know how to lighten up? Plus, Bill Webber reveals whether he has seen an angel before.

Do Angels Look Like God?
Were angels made in God's image like humans or are they completely original creations?

Did George Washington Have a Guardian Angel?
Did America's first president meet an angel at Valley Forge?

Why Didn't God Forgive Satan?
If God is loving, why didn't he pardon Satan's rebellion? And was Satan also the first angel that God created?

What You Didn't Know About Christmas Angels
What role did the fallen angels have during Jesus' birth and how many angels sang to the shepherds? Learn more about the Christmas angels.
Say a Thanksgiving Prayer for Angels
This year, take a moment and say a prayer of thanks to your angels for all their help and support.

Guardian Angels, Part 2
In the second part of two articles on guardian angels, our angel expert answers questions on seeing divine protectors and warrior angels living among us.

Guardian Angels, Part 1
In part one of two articles on guardian angels, our angel expert answers questions on guardian angel protection and meditating to meet angels.

Was I Born an Angel?
While one woman wonders if she was an angel born as a human, others question the appearance of angels in their dreams and whether "bad" angels can be destroyed by a special weapon.

The Angel Gabriel
With so many books and movies on the angel (or archangel) Gabriel, what info is right and wrong?

Dreaming of Angels in Dressed in White

After angels appear in our dreams, will changes immediately appear in our lives? Also, how are angels different from God and do angels speak their own language? 

Are There African-American Angels?
Are there black angels? Do angels have ethnicities or various cultural backgrounds?

The Angels of Easter
What supporting role did angels have in the story of Easter?

Catholics vs. Protestants: What Do They Believe About Angels?
Do all Christians agree on the same ideas and beliefs regarding God's messengers? 

Do Angels Get Involved in Your Love Life?
One engaged couple almost didn't get married--until an angel appeared to reassure them. 

The Angels of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Did the famous civil rights activist ever encounter angels in his life?

Shepherding the Angels
This Christmas, take a closer look at the shepherds who faced the angels on the night a special baby was born.

Should I Ask Angels for a Sign?
Also, was the creature-like being I saw my guardian angel?

Dear Bill, Can I Trust Your Angel Knowledge?
Our columnnist responds to a reader's curiosity about his expertise.

Do Angels Have Belly Buttons?
Are angels more like humans than we know?

Can I See Angels If I Have Enough Faith?
Does having a close relationship with God guarantee your chances of having an angel experience?

Do Angels Ever Help Good People?
If you have doubts that an angel is by your side, read how angels do help those who deserve it.

Do Children Always See Angels?
Most adults struggle to have angel experiences. Are children more open to them because of youth and innocence?

Would an Angel-Human Relationship Ever Work?
If angels and humans did fall in love, would they be able to have a 'normal' marriage?

Do Angels Really Exist?
'My pastor says angels are symbolic. Is he right or wrong?'

Are All Angel Meditation CDs Spiritually Safe?
A Catholic woman seeks advice about two CDs that may not follow her religious beliefs.

Was the Spider a Warning?
And, if angels can appear in dreams and visions, can they also appear in more than one place?

Did an Angel Wake Me Up?
A former caretaker shares an unforgettable experience that has remained in her memory for years.

Heralding the Christmas Angels
Take a deeper look at the various angels with roles during the birth of Jesus.

Would the Angels Approve If I Let Go of My Relationship?
A woman shares an unusual marriage ceremony accompanied by angel voices and the heartache that followed.

Angels in 'The Watchtower'
What do Jehovah's Witnesses believe about Archangel Michael?

When Good Angels Help Bad People

Should angels show love and compassion to people without good qualities?

Just How Strong Are Angels?
Do they have power that rivals Superman?

Hailing the Angel Police
Are there angels who enforce rules and laws? Or warrior angels who protect us from danger?

Meeting the Angel of Death
Is a special angel assigned to take people to heaven or hell?

What Do Angels Look Like?
Forget ideas of glittery angels with wings; real angels are anything but...

Can Angels Help You Find True Love?
A story from the Book of Genesis shows how God can use angels to guide people toward their soulmate.

The Romantic Angel: Finding A Bride for Isaac
A special retelling of Genesis 24, when God sent his heavenly messenger to lead Isaac to Rebecca.

Where Are My Angels?
'As I struggle to see angels, I find myself struggling to feel them as well.'

When Angels Appear in Your Dreams
Have I been contacted by an angel if I dreamed it? Is my guardian angel bringing a message to me while I sleep?

Man's Best Friend: Angel in Furry Disguise?   Feb 21, 2007
Think your special dog or cat may be more than just a couch companion?

Angels for Each and Every Need?
Are there really angels to help you with everything in life--from children to finances to health?

Angel, I Need a Good Parking Spot!
The parking lot at the mall is always so crowded. Is it okay to ask an angel for some divine intervention?

Seraphim, Virtues, and Angels, Oh My
The Catholic Church has angels traditionally organized in a hierarchy--so why don't most people know about it?

When Angels Sing
What do angel voices sound like? And, which came first: the angels or man?

Good Angels, Bad Angels
If Satan can assume the form of a good angel, how do I really know when an angel is good or bad?

The Fall of Satan
The Bible reveals very little about Satan's exodus from heaven, but some passages may tell more than we think.

Do Angels Rebel Against God?
And, is Archangel Gabriel a guide through the Gates of Heaven?

One Archangel, Two Archangels
So just how many archangels are there? Plus, five highly recommended books on angels.

Are Angels Necessary?
If God is all-powerful, why do we need angels?

Married, with Children?
If angels couldn't fall in love with women on earth, where did the Nephilim of the Bible come from?

Angels for Better or Worse
If angels are supposed to be watching over us, why do we still make mistakes?

Romance in the Heavenly Air
Is it possible for angels to fall in love and become human?

Can Angels Abandon Us?
Plus: Does God assign us guardian angels? And do we get more than one?

Are Angels Male or Female?
Angels--are they pure white light or beautiful women in long robes with graceful wings?

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