Angel, I Need a Good Parking Spot!

The parking lot at the mall is always so crowded. Is it okay to ask an angel for some divine intervention?

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  • Are there Parking Angels?
  • How do I know angels really exist?
  • Do cherubs look like babies with wings?

    Is it possible to have a Parking Angel? It's funny, but I never go without a good spot.
    --Barbara L.

    The idea of a Parking Angel is not biblical, but the idea does lead to a deeper question: Does God reward faithful believers with parking spaces?

    I tried an experiment to see if the most devout Christians were able to park the closest to church. In my unscientific study, I discovered the best parking spaces went to those who arrived at the church the earliest (with the exception of the handicapped parkers). I also noticed that Christians who were considered to be the most faithful chose to park at a distance so visitors could be closer to the church. Wouldn’t it be interesting, then, if God sent a Parking Angel to church to assign spaces based on faith?

    It is possible that on occasions when finding a good parking spot is important, God shows his favor by having a space available. God delights in doing good things for his children, and I believe he does this in many ways that often go unnoticed. But, I don’t believe he ever uses a specific Parking Angel. In my experience, when I have prayed for a parking space, God usually answers by telling me I need the exercise.

    My pastor says there are no angels. Is this true? If not, where do you get your information on angels?

    Angels are real. They are not just a figment of our imagination or wishful thinking. But your pastor is not the only one to doubt their existence. Centuries ago the Sadducees, a religious sect that Jesus often criticized, taught that angels were not real beings but only impulses God inspired in people or examples of his power. Some teachers today “demythologize” angels by claiming their presence in the Bible is figurative--that they symbolize God's power, his love, and his protection.

    Because angels don't leave fingerprints, submit to litmus tests, testify in court, or slide under a microscope for examination, their existence cannot be verified by scientific methods. Still, the fact that science lacks the tools to investigate spiritual beings does not disprove the possibility of a spiritual world. As theologian Karl Barth rightly observed, “In the Holy Scripture angels are not an absurdity or curiosity which we are at liberty to reinterpret, to deny, or to replace by curiosities of our own invention.”

    So what evidence can we give for the existence of angels? First, for most Christians the belief in angels is a matter of faith. "To those who are willing to believe, no explanation of these events is necessary... and to those who are not willing to believe, no explanation is possible," explains writer Joan Wester Anderson. The reality of angels has been accepted church doctrine through the ages and is based on scripture teachings. The word angel appears 292 times in 35 books of the Bible, and other words are also used to designate angels. Jesus always treated angels as real; In Matthew 18:10 he taught that the angels of children “continually see the face of my Father in heaven.” The presence and activity of angels is a prominent part of salvation history.

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    William D. Webber
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