Your Morning Cup of Inspiration

Many years ago, I was working for a government agency. I loved my job. I truly enjoyed my work and my colleagues. One day, my boss and I were chatting, and I told him how happy I was working for ...Read More

If you are anything like me, your holidays do not look like a Norman Rockwell painting. There is the stress of overspending. There is the stress of navigating family relationships. There is the stress of just having to do too ...Read More

There is a lot of advice out there about how to deal with the stress in our lives. For instance, we are told that we should mediate in order to be better equipped to handle stress. Or we should have ...Read More

We tend to think that niceness is a trait that you are born with, like being tall or having brown hair. But being nice isn’t a trait. Being nice is a choice. It is a choice that we make every ...Read More