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January 2010 Archives

As job losses mount and more people join the ranks of the unemployed, I thought perhaps this would be a good time to focus on helping our readers stay positive and focused while job hunting. We’ve received many comments and […]

Sometimes it helps to meditate on the wisdom of the ancients for their timeless wisdom. Let us reflect on the words of Lao Tzu, the 6th century Chinese philosopher, which ring true even today. “If you look to others for […]

Bless this country and our people who carry the torch for Freedom and Democracy that is our Divine Right and Inheritance. Give us strength, courage, perseverance, hope and humility in this time of great need.In the face of our differences […]

Here’s a special prayer that I wrote for our readers who are unemployed and searching for work. Below are some prayer requests from our readers in need of work…please pray for them. I need a new job. The company I […]

Sometimes our negative and fearful associations surrounding money can conspire against us and sabotage our efforts at creating the life and financial security we greatly desire. In order for this to shift, we need to re-create a belief system that […]

As I’ve looked around this week for good news, the best I have come up with is quite beautiful and astounding…smack in the middle of the Haitian earthquake crisis. This is not front page news, but it should be. For […]

This is not only the beginning of a new year, it is also the beginning of a new decade and what better time than now to commit to becoming fiscally fit! Whatever you did or did not accomplish personally or […]

Traditional Buddhist Healing Blessing    Just as the soft rains fill the streams,    pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans,    so may the power of every moment of your goodness    flow forth to awaken […]

Yesterday, I received a prayer request from Pam, who lost her husband recently and is battling cancer herself. She is feeling frightened and discouraged and really could use some support so that she can keep up the good fight for […]

We owe this holiday to the great Martin Luther King Jr in honor of his birthday. He was an amazing man of great heart and commitment for the cause of justice and selfless service to others. As a tribute to […]