Bless this country and our people who carry the torch for Freedom and Democracy that is our Divine Right and Inheritance.

Give us strength, courage, perseverance, hope and humility in this time of great need.

n the face of our differences and collective challenges, may we never forget that united we must stand or divided we will fall.

May we never let policy or political differences guide us away from our united purpose of liberty and justice for all.

May we never forget who we are, where we have come from and the great sacrifices that were made to create this great Nation.

May we respect and honor our forefather’s vision while continuing to adjust to the needs and call of our time.

Most of all, may the highest good for the people of the world, our Nation and peace prevail.

May the loud beat of our collective heart drown out the noise and confusion and lead us always to the truth, to do what is right, see what is possible and evolve into our greater destiny.

Peace and Blessings to all.

~ Deborah Price

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