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It’s not uncommon for people who are unemployed to experience a loss of
self-esteem, which can cause you to become disconnected from your
gifts. This can present a problem since you need to be connected to
your skills and strengths in an interview with a potential employer.

Here’s an exercise to help build your self-esteem and connect you to
your skills, talents and abilities. It’s called the “Life Inventory
Process” and it’s  designed to help you to become clear about “Your
Unique Offering.”

Doing this exercise will allow you to gain clarity about all that you
have to offer a potential employer which, unfortunately, a simple
resume seldom does completely. So, the “Life Inventory Process” is a
good way to address this issue so you’re prepared when you get an
Here’s how it works:

1.Make a list of your life’s “Highlights and Achievements” beginning
with grammar school to present day. Include areas of your life where
you shined when you were a child such as sports, art, school etc..
Remember, even little successes count and will help you to reconnect to
your gifts and achievements. The purpose of this exercise is to help
you re-connect with aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten by
helping you recall the achievements in your life.

When you are done, hang this up somewhere in your house as a reminder
of what you’ve done well in your life and to boost your self esteem. 
Note: This is a self-esteem building exercise, don’t give this to a
potential employer.  But you can take it with you as a reminder of all
that you have to offer.

2. Now make a list of your “Personal Assets” which should include allof
your skills, talents and abilities that you’ve acquired during your
lifetime through education, life experience and work experience. These
“Personal Assets” are your gifts and they are an integral part of who
you are. You own these gifts outright and the knowledge of them can
never be taken from you. Now, review your list to see if there are
possible job opportunities that you’ve overlooked. Ask yourself, what
other options might be a good utilization of some of your experience
and gifts?

3. Doing daily affirmations are also a great way to stay focused on what you want to create and to staying positive.

Here’s an affirmation for today:
I fully own my skills and strengths. I have much to offer a potential
employer. My perfect job and employer is being created for me now.
I see it, I know it and it is so.

Peace & Blessings!

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