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Sometimes our money problems are merely a symptom
of another problem. When this is the case, I have found that simply acquiring more money may only provide temporary relief…and is more like a band-aid than a cure. In fact, if we don’t address “the cause” of our money issues, suddenly acquiring a lot more money, can actually make things worse.

In other words. whatever is unhealed inside of us tends to just get louder when we have access to alot of cash.

We often mistakenly believe that more
money is the cure to fixing or changing whatever isn’t working in our
life.  And, our tendency to focus on money as the problem and/or
solution is really a only a clever distraction from looking at the real
problem. In fact, beyond having our basic needs of food, shelter and
safety met, money is seldom the real answer to our life’s problems and

challenging financial times such as this past year, when the flow of money has receded, can  be the perfect time to look inside and tend to our inner money issues. So, before the
New Year begins, I encourage you to reflect on what it is you need to heal and release regarding your financial past…to let go of past resentments and to forgive and be forgiven so that you can clear the slate and create a fresh start.

As you begin to heal on the inside, know that you are also clearing the space for manifesting something new on the outside.

So take this time to prepare the soil of your life for receiving more of what you want, personally and financially. Till you inner garden and as you do, plant some new seeds and ask for renewed courage, hope, and faith.

After all, true wealth and abundance is first and foremost an inside job.

Here’s a prayer for today:

Dear God,
May my life be filled with the calm knowing
that I am powerful, worthy and capable with
your love, guidance and support to move beyond
all seeming obstacles or restrictions around money
and my personal finances.  Help me to release the past
so that I am free to receive abundance and prosperity into
my life. Grant me the gift of self-awareness, compassion and understanding of my true needs. Thank you for all that you have already given me. I am ready now to fully receive my life and all the
good and grace you so desire for me.
And so it is.
~ Deborah Price

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