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Many people are burdened by debt today and are not sure what to do to move beyond their present financial circumstances. If you’ve decided to it’s time to take control of your finances and reclaim your life, you don’t have to do it all alone. There are many great resources out there that
can assist you.

Here’s a few
resources that you can reach out to for help and support:

  1. The National Foundation for Credit
    – A nonprofit organization that provides low cost
    credit counseling and financial education. They also have some
    wonderful free tools on their website. You can reach them at

  1. American Consumer Credit
    is a non-profit organization that provides Credit
    Counseling, Debt Consolidation and Debt Management Services. They
    can often work out payment plans, renegotiate rates, balances and
    help you create a manageable payment plan. Their fees are determined
    on the basis of your ability to pay. Contact them at 800-769-3571.

3. When you are seeking the
assistance of a credit counselor or debt management company, make
sure they are certified with the NACCC (National Association of
Consumer Credit Counselors and/or the AFCPE Association for Financial
Counseling, Planning and Education.

4.Know Your Rights – Debt
collectors are not allowed to threaten, abuse or harass you. If you
are being hounded by debt collectors, you can send
a out a “cease and desist” letter asking them to cease contact
with you. This does not, however, relieve you of the
debt. But it should give you some peace.

In addition to getting the help and
support you need and deserve, it is equally important to work on
financial forgiveness and healing any feelings you may have about
yourself or circumstances. As you work toward financial resolution in
whatever way makes sense for you, you will begin to
feel better about yourself and more hopeful about the future.

The path to financial forgiveness
begins with one step toward resolution and another toward
self-forgiveness. It is difficult to move forward and create a new
financial reality if you are carrying the burden of the past along
with you. So forgive, make a plan, get help and support and everyday just do your best. Then let go and let God. In time…all will be resolved.

Peace and Blessings!

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