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With over 15% of the population unemployed, the folks in Wilmington, Ohio have been hit hard and many of them rely heavily on a local soup kitchen called “Your
Father’s Kitchen”
for their evening meal. Then, hard times hit the soup
kitchen, too and just as they were about to shut their doors, an angel appeared.

When celebrity chef, Rachel Ray, heard the soup kitchen was about to close, she decided to lend some helping
hands. While on tour with Nick Lachey, Rachel Ray and her entire crew stopped at the Wilmington, Ohio kitchen
to not only
help keep their doors open, but to remodel their entire kitchen.

Along with the remodel, the soup kitchen received new appliances, a more workable
space and enough food to last for a year with the help of Sara Lee!

“Now, says Allen Willoughby, director of the soup kitchen, we’ll get
their pies and all their breads and bakery goods and meats. It’s going to be great.”
The kitchen feeds up to 500 people a day.

“The town has been devastated, said Rachel Ray. “We want to do
something for them that will last much longer than one meal, one day.”

If you’d like to help out too, contact Feeding America,or Share Our
to find out about local food banks or soup kitchens in your area.

With the holidays approaching, let’s see what we can do to share our blessings with those who are in need of our care and support

God Bless you, Rachel Ray and your wonderful crew for your good work.

Peace & Blessings!

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