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I have received many comments lately from readers who are having challenges moving forward financially due to mistakes they’ve made in the past, which have impacted their credit or even their ability to get housing or a job.

One of the first things I’d like to say to anyone who is experiencing these kinds of issues is that the FIRST and most important thing you can do is to FORGIVE yourself and any others that have contributed to your difficulties. Clear the slate and release the past. Just surrender it to God and be done with it. It is history unless you pack it up and carry it with you everyday, which can make moving forward very difficult.

Secondly, I have helped many people with bad credit or legal issues to get new housing and jobs. This is what I recommend that you do:

1. Write a letter (to be given to a potential employer or landlord) and explain your circumstances to them up front so there is no surprise. Tell them everything you have
done in your life to make amends for the past and to improve your life. Let them know who you are TODAY.

2. Get two or three letters of reference from people who can attest to the changes you’ve made…preferably not relatives, but your pastor, a friend or past employer.

3. Give your personal letter and these reference letters along with your application. Tell the potential employer or landlord that you would greatly appreciate a second chance…that you are a good person who will do everything in your power to be worthy of that chance.

People are more willing to help you if you’re straight with them in the beginning and make an effort to help them see who you really are. Otherwise, all they have to work with is your credit score and/or your legal record, which is not by the way…who you are in the least. 

4. Say this prayer for Releasing the Past:

Dear God,

I pray to you today and ask that you help me to
release all negative thoughts, feelings
and associations that I
may be holding in connection with my personal and financial
circumstances. Help me to release and forgive myself and any others
who may have contributed to my circumstances.

Help me to release
my attachment to my story of what happened so that I may be free to
become who you would have me be. I surrender this work to you God,
and know that as I release the past, I am creating the space to more
fully embrace today and step forward into the rich potential of
I have learned from the past what I needed and now I
set it free. I surrender my pain and suffering to you God and claim
my future in faith and trust that better days and my greatest good
are unfolding. I am grateful and humbled by my experience and hereby
release it you. I consider it done and so it is. Amen.

~ Deborah

Peace & Blessings!

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