Today’s Money Coaching Monday is in response to the comments made by
Melonee and Suzanne who wrote in and shared their struggle in
Overcoming and Making Peace with Debt.

Here’s what Melonee said: “Thank you Deborah. Your words really helped
ease my mind and pain. Thank you for letting me know that, not only am
I NOT my debt, but that I am not alone.” (read more….)

Here’s what Suzanne said: “Thank you, Deborah, for letting me know that
I am NOT my debt. I’ve been beating myself up over my indebtedness, and
just needed your words to get me “out of the woods” so to speak, and
back to reality.”  (read more…)

Dear Melonee and Suzanne:

Thank you for sharing your stories with me. I know that both of you are in a difficult place right now, personally and financially, but it’s important to know that help is
available and you do not have to manage this alone. There are so many
great resources out there that can provide help and support to you at
this time. Here’s a few resources for you to consider reaching out to:

1.The National Foundation for Credit Counseling – A non-profit
organization that provides low cost credit counseling and financial
education. They also have some wonderful free tools on their website.
You can reach them at 800-388-2227.

2.American Consumer Credit Counselors is a non-profit organization that
provides Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation and Debt Management
Services. They can often work out payment plans, renegotiate rates,
balances and help you create a manageable payment plan. Their fees are
determined on the basis of your ability to pay. Call them at 1-800-769-3571.    

3.When you are seeking the assistance of a credit counselor or debt
management company, make sure they are certified with the NACCC
(National Association of Consumer Credit Counselors)
and/or the AFCPE
(Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education.

4.Know Your Rights – Debt collectors are not allowed to threaten, abuse
or harass you. If you are being hounded by debt collectors, know that
you have rights. You can send a out a “cease and desist” letter asking
them to cease contact with you or anyone related to you. This does not
relieve you of the debt, but it should give you some peace.

In addition to getting the help and support you need and deserve, it is
equally important to work on financial forgiveness and healing any
feelings you may have about yourself or circumstances. As you work
toward financial resolution in whatever way works for you, you will
begin to feel better about yourself and more hopeful about the future.

The path to financial forgiveness begins with one step toward
resolution and another toward self-forgiveness. It can be difficult to
move forward and create a new financial reality if you are carrying the
burden of the past along with you. I invite you to do this simple
forgiveness process as a daily practice. I have seen it create miracles
in peoples’ lives.

Ho’Oponopono Forgiveness Process
Ho’Oponopono is a Hawaiian healing process. Mary Kawena Pukui is
credited as the 1st American to use this practice for healing, but it
most likely originated somewhere in her family lineage.  One of the
principles of Ho’ Oponopono is that of total responsibility and
complete forgiveness. If we can accept total responsibility for what
happens and our part in those circumstances, we open the doorway to
receiving complete forgiveness.

The process is very simple yet very powerful. All you have to do is say
these words repeatedly until you feel complete. I recommend doing this
for yourself and any others you may need to forgive or be forgiven by.
They do not need to be present.  

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

Do this everyday and it can change your life!

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