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I’ve been noticing lately how many people seem to have an angry or unhappy relationship with money. This is understandable given the recession, but it’s unfortunate because money can be a really good friend and resource that can assist us in creating a better life.

Although we all know money is not the answer to all our life’s problems, money can and does serve a great purpose. So, wouldn’t it be better if we befriended money and got to know it better and even learned how to work and play with it more effectively?

You see, money is not the problem any more than it is the solution. Unfortunately, we often  have negative associations with money that effect us emotionally. We tend to equate having money with getting our needs met and not having it as not getting our needs met.

If we dislike someone or have conflicted feelings about them, eventually the person goes away or begins to avoids us. Energetically, the same thing can happen with money. If we store up enough negativity around money, it tends to become scarce or create challenges in our financial life.

Also, if you secretly don’t think you deserve more money or believe money itself is bad, you can unconsciously create a reality that reflects this belief system. So, it’s very important to clear out any negative thoughts or beliefs you may hold around money or your personal finances so that you can create a more positive field from which to attract what you truly want and need into your life.

Here’s an affirmation to help clear your mind of negative thoughts or beliefs around money. Try it and see if it your relationship with money begins to improve.

Mindful Money Clearing Affirmation

I cleanse my mind of any and all negative thoughts
 or associations about money.
I release and forgive all past mistakes around money,
 both my own and others.
I accept responsibility for myself and my financial wellness.
I believe that the universe is abundant and that
this abundance is available to me.
I release any obstacle, doubt or limitation that exists in my mind
and limits my good.
I am free of the illusion of lack.
There is enough, I have enough, I am enough and
I am willing and ready to receive God’s grace and abundance fully
with ease, openness and a grateful heart.  

Peace & Blessings!

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