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Did you know that practicing gratitude can actually improve your brain function and overall physical and emotional well-being? Well, it’s true.  Brain scans and research conducted by renown psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen showed a significant improvement in brain function following […]

How are you doing with your 30-Day Fast From Fear Program? Sometimes, just like when we’re dieting, we fall off the wagon and allow ourselves to indulge a little. Well, when you’re fasting from fear, you can expereince set-backs, too. […]

Let’s face it, not all our money problems can be blamed on a bad economy, Some of us are grappling with old habits and patterns that existed long before the crisis we are now experiencing worldwide. True, the financial crisis […]

In these troubling times, many people are focused on what’s not working and what they do not have. And yes, while it is true that deficiencies exist, it is important to stay focused on what is working and what we […]

Lately, I’ve been working with many clients who’ve recently lost their jobs who are worried about finances and their future job prospects. Being unemployed can be very scary and challenging, personally and financially. It’s a time that requires a great […]

One of the most painful side-effects of financial hardship is the rise of child abuse and neglect. As families struggle with day-to-day survival issues and mounting financial pressures, some parents can be pushed over the edge and end up taking […]

Everyone knows the traditional, and generally, negative meaning of the word recession. It’s a word that can make us feel fearful, anxious, and constricted. Rather than obsessing about this recession as a time of “doom and gloom,” maybe we need […]

Yesterday we talked about the wisdom of history and how tales of Depression showed unity among people. Here are some ways you can make a difference: 1. Choose a local charity to give some time to every week, even an […]

“Challenging economic times can yield great advancements and ultimately unleash new, innovative thinking.”  ~ Ruppert Murdoch History is such a powerful teacher. Given our current financial crisis, perhaps it is time to reflect on the past to learn how those […]

Fear is that little darkroom where negatives develop.  ~ Michael PritchardDid you know that scientists have now proven that our thoughts are real? It’s true. Our thoughts not only do matter…they are matter. Everyday, whether we realize it or not, […]