Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus

Did you know that practicing gratitude
can actually improve your brain function and overall physical and
emotional well-being? Well, it’s true. 

Brain scans and
research conducted by renown psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen showed a
significant improvement in brain function following the practice of
gratitude. For years now, spiritual leaders and psychologists have
claimed that a positive attitude can help heal our lives, but now we
know that the simple act of gratitude can actually improve our
physical and emotional well-being. And it’s free! 

Some of
the distinct benefits of a daily dose of gratitude include:

  • Increased joy in the simple things in life.
  • Ability to
    recover quickly from life’s setbacks and disappointments.
  • Improved
    relationships – people prefer to be around people who are grateful.
  • Greater physical stamina and energy.
  • Increased
    happiness and acceptance.

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Here’s a Blessing for today:

“Gracious God, my heart is ready to burst with joy. I feel like a
flower wanting to push through the dark winter soil to display its
beauty to the world. I want everyone to feel the wonder of life that I
feel at this moment. Let my wonder and joy shine so that those who are
under a veil of sadness this day, may find their sorrows lifted, if
only for a moment. I ask this for the sake of your love. Amen.” ~Renee Miller

Peace and Blessings!

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