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This excerpt from Younger by the Day, by Victoria Moran, shares techniques for overcoming the invisibility many women feel that they experience when they're no longer young.

The Thursday night series on the Ten Commandments that started September 23 on ABC's Dateline inspires Living a Charmed Life author Victoria Moran to look at the time-honored list and see where each admonition fits her life today.

Celebrate National Punctuation Day 2009 with Creating a Charmed Life author Victoria Moran whose fondness for punctuation extends to the stalwart semi-colon and the ever elegant dash.

Victoria Moran's guest blogger, Marisa Miller Wolfson of Kind Green Planet, shares a high-rated YouTube video on the perils of modern egg production, a couple of yummy vegan recipes, and the challenge: can you go egg-free for one week?

Everybody is on some kind of detox regimen these days, but what about keeping ourselves from being toxic in the first place? Holistic health coach Victoria Moran shares her Top 10 Ways to lessen your toxic load.

As the first day of fall 2009 approaches, Living a Charmed Life author Victoria Moran some of her favorite aspect of her favorite season.

People are looking for info on protein shakes, and holistic health coach Victoria Moran says, "Yes! Make shakes! Just don't worry about so much protein, unless you're worried about getting too much."

If the politicians and PR people can spin things to suit them, you can certainly spin things to the upbeat, the positive side. An excerpt from Victoria Moran's book, Younger by the Day.

Kanye West's Video Music Awards outburst and Rep. Joe Wilson's "You lie!" comment during President Obama's speech inspire life coach Victoria Moran write about her husband's values: discretion, integrity, tolerance, civility, and humility.

Link to The Dr. Pat Show, "Talk Radio to Thrive By!" when her guest is Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life; and check out Snuggle Pup custom-knitted dog sweaters from Victoria's daughter, actress Adair Moran.

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