An excerpt from Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body & Revitalize Your Spirit, by Victoria Moran

and PR people spin everything. The movie star who was “resting” may 

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have been
resting in rehab; the one who was “spending more time at home” might have been
unable to get work. Such people hire professionals to find something positive
in their situation and turn it into a press release. Our job is to find the
positive in every situation and focus on that. What you focus on becomes more
pronounced. When you zero in on the positive, that’s what you see and that’s
where you live.

positivism as life dishes up its specials of the day. For example:

It’s raining again:

“Terrific–I wasn’t in the mood to mow the

There’s not enough money
for a summer trip:

“Let’s take a vacation at home. Then we
won’t need another one to recover.”

You didn’t get the

“This one just wasn’t mine to have; the next
one has my name all over it.”

You did something you
interpret as “stupid”:

“Welcome to the human race.”

You discover some sign
of aging on your face or body:

“I’m really something to have come this far.”

You get the
point. The more you do this, the more instinctive it becomes. At first, you may
think that this much positivism is saccharine-sweet and not respectful of the
realistic, fact-facing person that you are. So be it. We have the option of
living in a world of hard, cold facts, or lush, evolving possibilities. It’s no
accident that “possibility” and “positive” share a root: the former depends on
the latter for its growth and blossoming.

Play with this.
People will not treat you less seriously because you refuse to share a worldview
with the grim reaper. In fact, because negativism is so prevalent, other
positive people will sense a kindred spirit and beat a path your door. Good
“luck,” coveted outcomes, and your share of happily-ever-aftering will come
along, too. There is a spiritual law that states: “Like attracts like.” Be a
magnet for the best life has to offer.

Affirmation: I live in a world of lush, evolving possibilities.

New Yorkers: Victoria will be part of a healthy-living workshop this Sunday, Sept. 20, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Atmananda Yoga. The other presenter is Michael Gregor, MD, a nutritional biochemist who turns the latest nutritional findings into a fun quiz-show-formatted lecture. It’s really great — here’s the link.

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