Your Charmed Life

You can't have a charmed life unless you're able to say no. You don't have to give reasons, excuses, or explanations.

It is easier to forgive yourself for a momentary lapse than for awful, ancient sins of omission or commission....They're wretched and these replays make you feel like hell.

Change just one habit. Figure out what its opposite is, write that as your personal affirmation and glue it to your memory. And every time you actually do this thing, the opposite action of the habit you want to sever, give yourself a fabulous compliment.

Today, bring to mind those who have been your teachers, who gave you something that your cherish today.

As you embark on the second half of your 30-days-to-a-charmed-life adventure, this is a good time to go back to what you wanted to work on in the first place.

My invitation to you today is to find where you can be solid in your convictions and where you can give yourself a little elastic-waist treatment.

For the next two weeks, say yes to life every day. Don't argue. Don't deflect. Say yes and see what you get.

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Success or failure (in any real sense), happiness or lack of same, a charmed life in the here and now and in whatever comes next -- that's soul stuff. That means that spiritual disciplines such as prayer and spiritual study are among the keys to a charmed life that's real and lasting.

Add a touch of class to your life today

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