pinkbelt.jpgFor the next two weeks, say yes to life every day. Don’t argue. Don’t deflect. Say yes and see what you get. 

Today my neighbor and fellow Beliefnet blogger, Janice Taylor (“Our Lady of Weight Loss”) asked if she could come over to learn how to use (and wash) a juicer. She brought her fancy camera and Monica, my assistant who is also an actress and a holistic health coach, made a little video which will be on Janice’s blog one day soon. It was a little home movie, but it turned out great. And it was so much fun. Seeing it play, I realize how lucky I am to have such an easy-to-clean juicer! (I’m linking to a source for my juicer, the Brevlle, but I don’t work for them: this is just fyi.)
Anyway, say yes. Would you care for tea? Yes. Wanna go to a movie? Uh-huh. Can you talk now? Sure, for a bit, and more later. Every time you can, say yes. Don’t do things that you consider unhealthy or immoral, of course, and if you really can’t talk right now, you really can’t. But by and large, say yes to every opportunity. See how many wonderful ones crop up.
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