backstage.jpgHappy end of the first week! Thanks for hanging in here and doing this experiment. Today’s assignment is to do what’s in front of your face, the proverbial “next indicated thing.” Of course you want the penthouse and the private jet, or the loving husband and the two kids, or the cottage in the country where you support yourself growing herbs. But between today and the great THEN in the sky are thousands of tiny actions. What’s before you right this minute? Chances are, it’s not terribly glamorous. For me, it’s: write this blog; eat your lunch; rest your neck (and try to prop up the laptop so you can watch some video from the Vibrant Living Expo while lying on your back with a TempurPedic pillow). Then I’ll have clients, an hour for a writing assignment, and then I’ll have to rest my neck again. Not stunning. But on the way to stunning.  

This is “backstage” in a charmed life. We think of other people as having so much more excitement and getting so much more attention, but we only see them from the outside in. It’s like when you see a dazzling stage production, with all the lights and costumes and makeup. But when you go backstage you see the aspirin and the Ace bandages and the nicotine patches, the costume temporarily held together with tape, the disastrous haircut hidden beneath a wig, and the assorted grit that underlies the glamour. You can look at your own circumstances like that production. There’s the backstage stuff, dealing with the ordinary and the unlovely, and then there’s the glorious production: your life.
Keep the comments coming. How are you doing with these daily suggestions? Any questions? Any snags? Any successes?
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