Life is equipped with a substantial left field. That means that something is always coming out of it. Sometimes it’s a sweet surprise. I had one of those today. The phone rang and it was a young man who goes to my church but whom I’ve never met. He told me that he enjoyed my speaking and was getting a lot out of this blog and he wanted to send me his tithe. That was so touching! It’s happened a few times before and is always so humbling and such a blessed thing. It’s not about money, it’s about flow.

And then there are those left field occurrences you’d just as soon do without. I was in a car accident a long time ago and I have two herniated discs in my neck. Most of the time, they’re not a big deal. I had a series of decompression treatments in 2006 that helped a lot and I haven’t paid much attention to the problem since. But about a month ago things started acting up. Today I went for the second decompression treatment and they overdid it so I had to cancel my evening plans and am pretty much lying on a TempurPedic pillow wishing I didn’t hurt and hoping that this is a minor detour.
Maybe you had a day like this today or, if not today, sometime in recent memory. This doesn’t mean that you’re not on your way to a more charmed life. These are the building-your-character-muscle days. Rolling with the punches means getting more flexible and getting stronger. So if you’re challenged today, it’s part of the process. And if you’re not, good for you — you never what’s gonna come out of left field.
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