Why settle for a drop when He has an ocean? Why stand back when you can step in? 

Payday is coming when you sow good seeds. I remember this pastor I often listen to who frequently says.. “We are here very briefly so don’t get  caught up in worldly things but focus on what’s eternal.

God is the definition of love so every genuine act of kindness, every act of love will be rewarded. If we spend our days pleasing men then we will be disappointed. God says look to me and keep doing what I ask. The key word here is keep doing good and the payday will come. Often times we base our “good deeds” on the action and praise of others. Our motives are wrong when we come from a place of expecting something in return. How can there be a reward for wrong motives?

Self-evaluation is really important for our growth and the life we desire to have. Modern day christianity is sugar- coated with God is love and He loves you right where you are. Yes, this is truth but there is so much more for you. God is our only hope for real change. If we live with the mindset that we all sin but are covered in grace; we will never receive His promises. We will ultimately pay instead of receive. God will settle all accounts of wrongs. This is His word and He means it what He says. We can judge the sin in ourselves and others but we are not to judge the person. This is where we often get off- track.

Do you have friendships that are compromising your faith? Are you hanging our with couples who have troubled marriages? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend pushing you into compromising positions that you know are not right for you?

Are you speaking life into others? Speaking life means God’s truth.

Do you have a church home?

Do you have mentors who are holding you accountable in Christ?

Are you giving your riches to others in need or keeping for yourself?

Do you know you are here on assignment?

I remember when I first started working for my church….

One day, I noticed the bathrooms in the church looked dirty. My first thought was ” who is cleaning our bathrooms and why are they not doing a better job?” I, no joke heard God say, “Why don’t you clean the bathrooms?” “Yes, why don’t I clean the bathrooms?” So I did and then I started pulling weeds, then I cleaned the pastor’s office and so on. If I saw a need, I took action and It was so freeing to let go of wrong thinking. I love my church and that was it. This was a moment of growth for me in more ways that I could even imagine.

Sometimes, we need a reality check and if we stay in tune with God through our relationship, He will lovingly give us those reality checks because He wants to see us become who He intended us to be. This is love.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

Keep seeking His guidance and you will have much fruit to bear.


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