I started to reflect back on where my journey has taken me and as slow as it seems at times, I am truly humbled and in awe of how God unleashes our passions as well as our pathways. He is always at work for the greater good and will use any willing participant.

I “stumbled” upon a foundation that I became immediately intrigued with and as I perused their site, my eyes lit up. See, I am an advocate for the under dog. I despise seeing others’ harmed at another’s expense. Hopelessness starts to seep into the pores of our lives when resources are little to none. People dream of a better life but are often faced with the harsh reality that the day will never come…..

What exists inside of another human being that not only makes the decision but a way also to bring hope into unfortunately hopeless situations. I say, love! Love motivates us to do the impossible and that is what the Women Like Us Foundation is doing.

Sally Colon, the president of WLUF, said, ” I want people to be inspired to be that person that says, I’m not gonna wait for someone else to do it, I’m gonna be that one who does it.”

More and more women are taking a stand and speaking up for the needs of the vulnerable and the poor. This is actually biblical and what God calls us to do whether we believe in God or not. Our world is full of hatred and we see it on a daily basis. People are tired of the outright abuse and the pendulum is beginning to swing.

WLUF has committed themselves to helping others ( not just women) but humanity as a whole thrive by focusing on Sex Trafficking, Homelessness, and Education.  Simply, they raise money so they can turn around and give it back to the women who are changing the world. Issues that include but are not limited to clean water, gardens to feed people, women supporting veterans from the war, education, and safety. Women who want to help the vulnerable and give them the resources necessary to live the life they rightly deserve.

Now is the time that we are starting to build momentum in social justice and gender equality issues. We are seeing women who have the passion to make our world a better and much safer place to live, locally and globally.  WLUF are getting “on the ground” experience so they can build relationship as they provide support. We will never be able to have the compassion or willingness if we don’t see first hand the atrocities of what people are enduring. We must wake up and stop turning a blind eye to children dying of hunger and/or disease. There is modern day slavery going on everywhere, even in U.S. neighborhoods. How can we be okay with any of this?

Women are leading the efforts to make the change and WLUF celebrates these women who are not standing on the side lines anymore. Women who are on the battlefield fighting for the rights of others who desperately need a voice. This is a call to action, my friends. It’s time for all of us to get to work because we are here on assignment. We will all ask ourselves as we get to the end of our life, what have I done to love and care for someone that really needed it? We must get out of our box.





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