Words of Hope and Inspiration with Joel and Victoria Osteen


The Old Testament talks about how the king of Moab wanted to curse the Israelites. So he sent word to the prophet Balaam asking him to come to his city. The Israelites were about to come through where the Moabites …Read More

Everyone has days when they feel like things aren’t going the way they planned. We all have times when we feel like we don’t measure up, or we can’t meet the demands of the day, or things just seem out …Read More

Oftentimes, heaviness starts out as a little care or concern. What begins as a small burden grows and grows. We start to take on responsibilities that aren’t ours. We start thinking we have to keep everyone around us happy. We …Read More

Victoria and I get a lot of phone calls during the day here at the ministry, and unfortunately, we don’t have time to take most of them. Our staff is well able to handle most issues for us, but there …Read More

As followers of Jesus, scripture says that we should reflect His character and likeness and follow His example. Now, that may sound like a pretty tall order; after all, Jesus was the Son of God. But remember, when we accept …Read More