There are simple ways you can  make a difference in the lives of others and your own. All it requires is a little optimism, faith, and a dash of courage. Read on….  
I have been posting my “Ways to make a difference” tips in segments of 3. I believe it is important to treat rudeness with kindness, ill-will with compassion, and always know that you CAN make a difference!

Tips for making a difference:

1) Know your limits: It helps to know your limits. From knowing how much sleep you need, how many projects you can handle, or how much downtime you need between events. Don’t push yourself beyond your healthy zone, comfort zone, or sanity zone. Knowing your limits is a bit contribution toward keeping the world at large in balance. Being self-aware is always the best choice!

2) Hurry hurry away: If  you can wait a moment longer, let a rushed and obviously stressed-out person go ahead of you in the check out line at the grocery store, the post office, or the bank. Your kindness might be what it takes to allow that person to take a much needed deep breath.

3) Show your appreciation: Show appreciation to someone who has helped you professional or personally. From a verbal acknowledgement to sending a card or even flowers, the ability  to acknowledge someone else;s generosity or kindness is a real gift and will hopefully encourage others to do the same!


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