Worry is not only a waste of time, but it’s also stupid. Worrying does nothing to improve your life. It only holds you captive to your own thoughts of “what ifs”. The what-ifs in life can keep you from reaching your full potential. Worry is like walking around with an umbrella and waiting for it to rain. If you’re not sure it’ll rain but keep the umbrella open at all times, it’ll get exhausting to carry the umbrella around every day. If you’re constantly waiting for something to happen and then it doesn’t actually happen, then you literally wasted your time worrying over nothing. You miss out on the things that bring you joy in life if you’re constantly upset.
Worrying only takes your life away from you. It doesn’t add anything to your life. It takes your focus away from the one who can actually solve your problems and that’s God. He wants you to come to Him with everything that’s been on your mind. He wants to take set the things that are making you suffer. But you have to be willing to give them completely up to God and then leave them with God.
How many times have you prayed that God would help you get over your worries or at least give you a way through them, then continue to think about them, then you really haven’t given them up to Him.

It is sometimes very difficult to give things up to God because you want to be the one in control over your life. Remember when you try to control everything, then you tend to get even more stressed out. Instead, you should be willing to tell God what is worrying you and why it’s worrying you. Then say, “Lord, even though I don’t understand this phase that I’m going through in my life, I know that you’re with me every step of the way. I know that I’m loved by you. Even if the scenario doesn’t change right away in my favor, I know that you are working it out for your glory and for my good Lord.”

When you pray, don’t you feel lighter afterward? So why do you always come back to the worries that were making you stress out like crazy in the first place? It’s all because it’s, unfortunately, part of human nature. We give things to God only to take them back and think that we can all handle them on our own. It normally and sometimes quickly backfires on everyone.

Isn’t it just better overall to give your worries up to God and have them stay there with God? You can ask God to take your worries, illnesses, and anxieties away. It’s not that He won’t ever listen to you or grant your requests. On the contrary, He wants to see if you lean on Him for the ultimate peace that surpasses all human understanding. He also gives you lessons to learn from your worries. He will give you a way around the problem eventually, even if it means going through the problem. He allows you to go through many trials and tribulations in order to see if you strengthen or waiver your faith. Don’t feel discouraged with that thought though, because everyone waivers in their faith at one point or another during trials and tribulations.

It is also up to you to take the appropriate action in the midst of any trials you face. It isn’t always just waiting on God to help you through the problems through prayer and faith. It is often up to you to figure out which course of action you’re going to take. Are you going to sit on your hands and wait for God to help you, or are you going to help God help you through your trials? For instance, if you have a medication that you need to treat you for an illness, are you going to struggle with it each day and say how hard it is to take the medicine, or are you going to say even though this medicine tastes horrid, I know I need to take the appropriate amount of it to make me better in the long run? Sure, it would be easy to say, “no I’m not going to take it”, but that choice would only prolong your illness and you certainly don’t want that. Sometimes you have to suck it up and take charge of yourself more and say, “I kno0w this will only help me in the long run.

Worry takes so much time away from your life. You actually forget that there is a plan and a purpose for your life that God has designed when you’re filled with worry. If you have ever been worried that God’s plan doesn’t fit in with your plan for your life rest assured that God’s plan for your life is better than you could ever hope for or imagine. Why not rest assured in his presence instead of worrying over things that you can’t control? It takes time to remember that you can turn everything over to God at any time and anywhere. There is never a wrong time to turn your worries over to God and to be set free. Who wouldn’t want to be set free from your worries?

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