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Every day can give you a new perspective. If you’re always negative, then your view will never be anything but negative. You don’t want to constantly be thinking about the bad things that happened in your past because of the choices you made, right? You also don’t want to keep thinking badly about people that have wronged you. You can get the help that you need to change your outlook on every aspect of your life. Just ask God for His help to change your perspective around about life. Instead of only seeing the bad things around you, find a few things you’re thankful for, even in the midst of your worst days.

Instead of dreading being around people that make you uncomfortable, do your best to be yourself and to be kind to those people. Instead of going down to their level when they say something out of anger, try to stay calm in front of them. Show them that you have the self-control, even if they expect you to get mad back at them.

Ask God for the courage to be around them, and to take away your fears. Remember, it won’t happen over-night, but God will help you to relax more around them, and to take some of the tense feelings in your heart away too. Everything takes time.

If someone else doesn’t change despite your prayers for them to change, it could be God telling you to change your heart towards them. It isn’t always easy to see someone who has a very hard heart the way God wants you to see them. He wants everyone to be treated fairly and in love. It isn’t always easy to be like Jesus and follow His loving example. He challenges you by putting you in front of people that you may have different opinions than, or even people that you have problems with. Even though they can rub you the wrong way, try to love them. Even if it’s only saying hi on day one and moving forward from there. God never said you had to do extravagant things for those people, but rather just be as kind as you can be. After all, you never know what kinds of silent battles people are fighting.

He could be telling you that you need to be the change that they need to see, in order to make changes in their own life. God could be putting you in front of those people and putting you in uncomfortable situations in order to strengthen you. He may also be giving you the opportunities to witness to them. All you can do is try your best.

Even though being around certain people might scare you, ask God to give you a calm feeling, and not a feeling of dread. Ask God to help you be yourself in front of that person and that He helps you figure out what to say to them, as well as how to say whatever you need to say. Or you can also pray that God gives you the strength to withdraw from any conversation that doesn’t reflect your core values, or if the conversation offends you. If the conversation offends you, ask God whether or not you need to leave the situation, or stick up for the topic at hand.

Remember, we’re all broken, but if you want to see change, you are the only one who can change yourself. You don’t have to change them, nor should you try to. You’re only responsible for your actions. Try to show love when you least feel like it and you’ll be amazed at the change in your heart, not to mention the change in your life.

Don’t worry about the things that people think about you as much. Try not to let their words or their lies go to your head. Better yet, try your best not to let their thoughts and words go to your heart. Guard your heart as much as you can from negativity. Whether it is from the people around you, or from within yourself. It is hard not to talk or think badly about yourself, but it does get easier with time. Remember, it isn’t something you just learn overnight. You can train your mind to think positively about the things that are going on. It can even be seen as a fun challenge to try to think only positive things about yourself. Remember, the more you’re able to think positively, the more positive your life will be. Be the change you want to see in your life. It all starts with you.

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