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It is okay to admit that you’re not perfect. It is perfectly okay to not be 100 percent at certain times of your life. There will be days, and there probably were days where you felt like you were all alone and hung by a thread. Maybe you got let go from a job, and you didn’t expect it, or a family member came down with a life-threatening illness.

Everything may seem to be unraveling for you. But for those who believe, there is still that ever so slight glimmer of hope from God when He whispers to your broken heart, “keep going. You can make it. You will make it. You are more than you think you are. You can give this burden to me. I’ll take it from you and restore your peace. Just give it up to me. You don’t have to carry it anymore.”

Remember, no one is asking you to be completely perfect. Even God isn’t asking you to be perfect. He never asked you to be perfect. He asked you to be like Him in thought, word, and deed, and sure that can put a lot of pressure on your mind, not to mention your heart. You may think, “how can I be like Jesus when all I feel is sorrow or even anger in my heart? How can I turn this feeling of feeling like a failure over to Him? Lord you know I wasn’t, but I barely hear you say that you’re with me. I know you’re there, but seriously Lord, where are you? When will you help me get my break? When can I claim victory again in my life?”

Be at peace with not being perfect. You’re not finished yet. You’re not a finished product. God sure isn’t finished with you yet. If you still have breath in your lungs, then He has a purpose for you. You might still e searching for it, but He will not let His plan for your life go unfinished. It is all in His timing, and at times waiting for Him is the hardest thing about having faith. But God isn’t mad at you for asking when things will start happening for you. He wants you to ask those questions and to voice your fears and doubts to Him directly.

Remember, there is power that comes with your ability admit that you’re not ok and that you aren’t always at your beast. It is ok for you to say that you aren’t there yet. You’re going to struggle with different things in your life at one time or another.

You’re allowed to have doubts and fears in life. That’s nothing to be ashamed of because everyone experiences them. No matter what issues you may be struggling with whether it’s family relationships or relationships with your friends, coping with the holidays, struggling at work, God sees everything that you’re going through.

Don’t feel like you have to wear a mask around people though. You can admit to someone how you’re feeling, and the most important person you can ever talk to is God. Take your worries and burdens to Him, and He will give you the courage and strength, not to mention the drive to continue along on the journey He has set out for you. It is completely okay to ask Him what your purpose is in life. Ask Him to reveal what His plan is for your life.

There is more peace within you when you feel like yourself. If you constantly act differently around others, people will not know how to read you. People may never fully get to experience who you are.

Another important thing to remember is that it is ok to be vulnerable because without some vulnerability you don’t give yourself a chance to grow. You can tell God exactly how you’re feeling and say something such as, “God, I’m struggling. I’m acting like I’m strong, but I’m afraid, and I don’t know which way to go.” That’s where He shows His power to work within your life. Don’t be too afraid or too proud, to admit to God that you need help in some areas of life. Don’t be ashamed of coming to God saying that you’re filled with uncertainty.

Be at peace with not being perfect. Take that unneeded stress off of your shoulders this holiday season. Remember, God will get you through anything as long as you keep the faith and keep trusting in Him. You may not understand it all the way, but you aren’t meant to fully understand it on this side of heaven. Embrace challenges with the attitude that you can and will accomplish anything. Enjoy the holiday season with your true friends and family. Remember the true reason for the season. Jesus is the only one that is perfect. No matter how you feel, also remember you are already perfect in God’s eyes.

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