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The acronym WWJD can have a few different meanings. It can either stand for Walk with Jesus Daily or What Would Jesus Do? You can think about it every time you are in a tough situation or have a feeling that you need to get out of a situation.

Walk with Jesus Daily

You have every opportunity to walk with Him every day. It is up to you to actively pursue Jesus in everything you do and in everything you say. When you walk with Him it will change your life.  If you walk with Him daily, you can never go wrong. When walking with Him you can ask Him for the love that He has to be placed in your heart, soul, and mind. You can ask Him any question you want to ask Him. It doesn’t always mean that His answer will be clear every time or in the fashion that you expect it to be, but God will give you an answer.

Walking with Jesus daily means being willing to spend time with Him in prayer and through reading His Word. Each day is full of distractions that can take your focus away from God or off of God completely, but you have to train your heart, soul and your mind and brain to want to spend more time with Him. It takes discipline to walk with Him in prayer and in faith every day. It also takes practice to read the Bible every day.

Once you start praying about everything that happens, you will find that it is easier to praise Him during the hard times and it is even more fun to remember to praise Him during the good times of your life.  when things turn difficult, the first thing you may think of is “Lord Jesus, help me and get me through this.” Remember, He isn’t only there for you when you need something. He is there for you through anything. That means you can turn to Him through any and all circumstances.

What Would Jesus Do?

Every time you are in a difficult situation, you can turn to God for reassurance through His Holy Spirit and turn to Him for guidance as to what you should do. Some of those situations that you can be faced with each day include the temptation to gossip or tell lies to someone, or the temptation to drink while you are underage, or even the temptation to sleep with someone while you are not married. Some other temptations might be to try drugs or alcohol when you shouldn’t.

Listen to what your heart is telling you. Ask yourself what Jesus would do when you’re in a spot that you know you probably shouldn’t be in. Ask Him for His protection and His guiding hand in times of uncertainty. Listen to your heart. If your head and your heart and the Holy Spirit within your conscience is telling you to get up and leave, even if you are with your friends, then listen to that voice inside your head and leave the situation before it gets any worse.

Remember, no situation is ever worth putting your life at risk over. If someone wants you to get in the car after they have been drinking alcohol, you have absolutely every right to say no and to walk away. If someone offers you drugs to try out of the so-called “fun of it,” you can still get out of that situation. You have to remind yourself how dangerous drugs can be. Don’t forget to tell yourself, “If my friends really cared about me, then they wouldn’t offer me drugs, alcohol, or force me to try the cigarettes or drugs just for fun. They should and do know that I don’t like those things and if they don’t even respect me enough to respect and remember that I choose not to try them, or immerse myself in them because I value my health, then they aren’t even really my friends.”

If anyone forces you to do anything and puts that much peer pressure on you that you feel backed into a corner that you can’t get out of, then they never really were your friends, to begin with.  If one of your friends pressure you to try smoking, you have to think about your health as well and remember how much damage cigarettes can cause you in the long run.  You don’t have to do something just because your friends are doing it.

Ask yourself what Jesus would do if He were faced with some of the situations that you are faced with in your life. Jesus didn’t give in to any temptations that the world or Satan himself sat before Him, so you know you can ask God for the strength to resists them as well. You have the strength within you to resist temptations too.

No matter the situation, always remember to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do if He were here? Am I walking with Jesus or walking with the world if I do these things?”


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