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We have all had the issue of wanting to do things with friends and family when we should be focused on other priorities. Everything can be seen more appealing when you’re stressed out and wanting to get away from the normal routine of your life.

As hard as it can be you need to stop trying to get people to do things that you want them to do and help them do what God wants them to do. You should encourage people around you to stop following the world and follow the calling and leadership of the Holy Spirit. Instead of offering people an escape for something they don’t want to do, you can instead offer them help and push them in the right direction.

You can say, “Hey instead of taking you to lunch, I’m going to come over and help you get your stuff in order and help you get the stuff that you need to get done, done.” A lot of people won’t like that all the time and some people may even tell you that you don’t have to come over just to waste your time to help them.

But if it is something that God is putting on your heart to help that person, then be lead by the Holy Spirit and do His good work. It can not only make you feel good and can make God smile, but it will also make the other person that you helped, smile because you went completely out of your way to help them even though you didn’t have to.

At times that push to get stuff done and having a friend help get things done is exactly what we need. God always knows what we need and who we need in our lives at the right time. That’s why He is the ultimate caretaker.

It takes discipline to get stuff done on deadline and around your house but it’ll always make you feel better when those things are done. When you get stuff off your to-do list it normally makes you feel accomplished and enjoy the things you want to do even more.

You can do the same thing for others. You can be there for others and help them get stuff done instead of being distracting to them. Instead of saying we will get them away from their responsibilities, we can help them get the responsibilities done.

You can give them nudges and push them in the direction God wants them and their lives to go instead of watching them suffer in the same old spot of their lives over and over again.

At times, all you have to do is be there for someone and encourage them to look at their lives and what they need to get done and where they want to be in life. Then the rest is pretty much up to them and God. The person that you are trying to help can only do the things that they can do and they can only do them with Gods help.

That is another piece of encouragement you can give to people. Listen to what God has put on your heart and say to them, “God has put dreams and tasks to be done in front of you, what can I do to help you do God’s work in your life? Only you can make the choice to follow God and His plan for your life. I want to help you do your tasks for God and help you feel better about your life through knowing Christ.”

There is a difference between wanting to do something and being led by the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to do something, pray about it and if you feel Him tugging at your heart, then go ahead and do it.

If you feel like you want to do something, but you aren’t sure if it is the Holy Spirit talking to you and telling you to do it, keep it in prayer until you get a clear answer from Him. That clear answer can be a feeling of peace in your heart, someone else helping you make that decision to move forward, or it can be God speaking directly to you telling you to go ahead with what He wants you to do.

We need to stop being so distracting to others telling them what we want them to do and start encouraging them to follow the Holy Spirit’s call on their lives and in their hearts. You will not only help others if you do that, God will open up your eyes to what you need to be doing in your life as well.

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