Advice for a better life:

Get to know God. There is nothing more important than a personal relationship with God. He wants to have a personal relationship with everyone.  He wants to be the Lord over everyone’s life and to be there for every single one of us. He saved every single one of us so that we could choose to have a relationship with Him and be united as one with Him.

Read the Bible. This can be a challenging thing. We have to make time to read God’s word. He wants to talk to us through meditation and prayer and especially through reading His word. He has wonderful words of encouragement in His book of life. But, we have to be willing to make the time to spend with Him in His word. We have to be willing to make time for Him, just as He makes time for us.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Whenever you feel cocky or full of yourself or whenever you feel as though you just can’t figure something out, just get away from whatever you’re feeling and go do something to take your mind off everything. Literally, find a movie that makes you crack up laughing, let your friends do your hair and have a girl’s night. Go do something spontaneous. Don’t always think that you’re all your meant to be and that you’re “all that and a bag of chips” as some people say. Don’t think that you’re better than anyone else or act like you’re better than anyone else because that attitude will turn people away from you really fast and you will be wondering why you’re left standing out in the cold with no friend’s around you.  Just because you can and are able to do some things better than others can, doesn’t give you the right to look down on others completely either. Don’t let your prideful moment talk you out of asking for help from others either. There is nothing worse than needing a helping hand and having no one in your life really be willing to help you because of your attitude.  You’re allowed to ask people for help. You’re allowed to ask God for help in any situation too.

Don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders. You don’t have to worry and stress and fear everything in your life constantly. God doesn’t want you to live like that and it’s not even safe for you or your health. Your health can take a major hit really quickly if you live like that and so can your emotions. You don’t want to have a mental breakdown just from the stress you feel. You can give it all up to God through prayer and by asking Him for the much-needed help. He will give you a way out of the situation when there seems to be no way and if you let Him, He will take all of that fear and anxiety away from you. He will take the stress away too. You don’t need to carry your problems plus pile everything in your life and the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s just not worth it. Rather, ask God for His peace that surpasses all human understanding and have your heart filled with peace for once instead of the stress that you used to feel.

Laugh all you can. Laugh every day. Laugh at yourself, with friends or by yourself. Find something funny every day of your life, especially when you feel stressed. There is nothing like laughing when you’re feeling stressed about something. Laughter is often seen as the best cure and medicine for anything.

Don’t sweat the small stuff- Literally, why are you stressing over the minuscule things in your life or stressing over someone else’s problems when they aren’t even directly impacting your life? When something seems so big and that you can’t think of a possible way through it, God will give you a way through it and He will most likely help you see that in a day or two, that the thing you were stressing over so much, really wasn’t too bad or not bad enough to be stressed over the way you were.

Don’t let anyone else take away your happiness. Why let someone else and their unhappiness impact your day or control your happiness? That is their choice to be unhappy, not yours. You can choose to be happy, no matter your situation.

Love yourself. This takes a lot of time effort and patience. It also takes discipline. But you’re allowed to take time away from everything and anything and to take time away from everyone, including your friends and family members to reconnect with yourself and take care of yourself. You have to teach yourself how to love yourself again.

Enjoy every day of your life to the fullest.


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